Colin Self Is the Embodiment of Queer Theory

March 22, 2014

I first got to know Colin Self in the dark of a West Village club –then by the light of my laptop. Self is a nightlife impresario. A vision in plum lipstick, the Laura Dern look-alike is perhaps best known as member of the New York-based drag supergroup Chez Deep. Beyond the drag stage, Colin is also a musician, party host and DJ (at Eckhaus Latta’sdéfilé this New York Fashion Week, he sensuously spun self-help recordings into Orbital and Prince), as well as a video artist, community organiser and social activist. Like a proper digital native (b. 1987), Colin anchors all this online – his Twitter is divine.

Colin is a modern-day role model. An embodiment of queer theory, Colin, in everything he does (whether that’s fundraising for his Radical Diva Grant or wailing in micromesh at the club), is a testament to the individual’s potential to be himself, herself or themselves.

“While Colin takes sex-positive pleasure in his “ultimately male body,” he also identifies with all genders: “man, woman, whatever – I’m also an alien and a witch and a celestial spirit.” His interest is in the trying-on of new modes of being.”

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